From the country to the Capstone


Alli Selman

Coming to school in one of the most affluent cities in Alabama makes it easy to forget. Easy to forget that not everyone has the luxuries that we are afforded. Easy to forget that it is the very few that have the distinct opportunity to receive a college education. Easy to forget that some voices in our state are reduced to a whisper.

Growing up and attending public school in Covington County, one of the poorest counties in Alabama, I did not live life from the outside looking in, but from the inside looking out. I was surrounded by people trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and circumstance. My parents raised me to help those who cannot help themselves.

Over my two years spent at the Capstone, I have worked tirelessly through SGA to create a safe, and inclusive campus. As a Senator, I have written and passed legislation to promote these values. From promoting a one-strike policy expelling those convicted of a violent sexual crime to implementing caucuses representing all sectors of campus. From the underrepresented, like the LGBTQA+ and African-American communities, to the well represented greek communities, I have learned there is unimaginable value in working with others because where we come together is where true, valuable change is possible.

After serving as one of your SGA First Year Councilors, your director of Lobbying Affairs, and your Arts and Sciences senator, I am a proud to announce my candidacy for vice president of External Affairs.

As your vice president of External Affairs, I will advocate for a reform of state sexual assault laws to make them better equipped to protect all victims and be inclusive of the LGBTQA+ community. I will work with Tuscaloosa City officials to aid the homeless portion of the UA student body by pushing them to raise funds for a homeless shelter for struggling college students in the Tuscaloosa area. I plan to petition state legislators to lower the age required for in-state contracts from 19 to 18, and work with our senators to promote both an increase in the acceptable income level and the award amount for Pell Grants.

I hope to build off of the incredible strides made by our previous vice president of External Affairs, Jonathan Hess, to get Uber or similar, desperately needed transportation options in Tuscaloosa.

These pieces of my platform, objectives I do hope to make substantial progress toward, are not my sole purpose for being in office. My purpose is to continue to serve you, the students of The University of Alabama, to the best of my ability, as I have always done.

I am here to make changes in our community and state that will better the lives of students now and in years to come. Even the meekest whispers can become a roar, if there is someone willing to lend an ear. Let’s foster growth and progress by voting, Alli Selman, for vice president of External Affairs.

Allí Selman is a sophomore majoring in political science and communication studies. She is running for vice president of External Affairs.