Forward together


Jordan J. Forrest

Driven by my passion to empower the student body, I will strive to help every student at this university achieve financial success. My name is Jordan Forrest, and I am running to become the vice president of Financial Affairs.

As your voice in SGA for three years, I have experience serving as your First Year Council secretary, senator for the College of Engineering and as an executive officer on the President’s Council. I have seen firsthand how important it is to listen to students needs and collaborate with leaders across campus as well as execute sustainable programs beyond legislation. Combine that experience with my strong relationships with members of UA administration, and you have a candidate whose ability is unmatched in this election.

I seek to meet all financial needs of the student body. I have initiated partnerships with SOURCE organizations for financial initiatives. I also sought out local businesses and community leaders to maximize our financial resources. Alongside the current VPFA, I have managed multiple SGA budgets, organized large­scale fundraisers, grown scholarships and created a new scholarship for military dependents.

If elected VPFA, it is my experience that will allow me to successfully lead our student body. My plan includes the three key areas of focus for financial affairs. First, increase transparency and communication with the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) and find additional sources of student organization funding. Second, provide additional financial support with new scholarships, a new Capstone Food Bank and a more encompassing emergency loan program. Third, expand our financial programming to empower students in their personal and academic finances.

As the VPFA, my goal is to bridge the communication gap between the FAC and student organizations by hosting open dialogue nights. I will create online resources that improve FAC transparency in three ways: documenting the usage and distribution of FAC funding, highlighting alternative fundraising sources and offering tutorials on how to apply for FAC funding or host fundraisers. In addition to increasing transparency, I will pursue outside funding through corporate and community partnerships to supplement what is already provided to student organizations.

At the student level, I will focus on both scholarships and financial programs. I will increase fundraising efforts for needs­based, military dependent, campus unity and housing scholarships through events like Taste of Tuscaloosa, Powder to the People, Honor our Heroes, LOL Comedy Night and a Unity Ball. I will expand awareness and encourage use of the SGA Emergency Loan Program, which provides loans to students when they need them the most.

As VPFA, I will expand the current Bama Budget program to include topics beyond budgeting to teach all students to make sound financial decisions.

I will work with administration to improve the free 348­-RIDE ride­sharing program as well as pursue discounted ride­sharing options from companies like Uber.

I will advocate for mobile charging stations on campus and 50­-100 free printed pages on Bama Cash accounts.

I will continue to push for funding for the Green Dot Sexual Assault Prevention Training program to strengthen the imperative fight against sexual violence.

Finally, I will implement a Fresh Start program where students can request a course to be dropped from their transcript when they change majors or are unsuccessful in their selected courses.

We need a leader who is capable of creating and implementing innovative fundraising ideas to support students’ financial needs. We need a leader who will make sure every student organization has input and awareness in their financial affairs. We need a leader who will guide this student body to financial success. I am that leader. Together we can move UA forward to prosperity for all. 

Jordan J. Forrest is a a junior majoring in political science and public relations. She is running for Vice President of Financial Affairs.