Our View: Alli Selman for Vice President of External Affairs


CW Editorial Board

The Crimson White Editorial Board wholeheartedly endorses Alli Selman for vice president of external affairs. Selman’s interview with the Board was the most pleasantly refreshing surprise of this campaign season. We were initially skeptical of her grasp of many of the issues outlined in her platform and of her ability to accomplish any of her stated goals. However, Selman repeatedly impressed us with her in-depth knowledge of each issue she advocated for – and more – and with her unassailable willingness to strive for more for SGA and UA students, even as she acknowledged the difficulty of the tasks ahead of her. Her honest, direct and progressive answers on issues of race, religion, class, homelessness, disability, greek life and the Machine thoroughly convinced us that she is the right candidate for this and virtually any other office the SGA has to offer. She was adamant in her desire to be an inspiration to other women, and she has already inspired 
our confidence.

Her approachable attitude will ensure that every student feels comfortable contributing their ideas to her cabinet. The side issues of her campaign, such as a one-strike policy for students who commit a violent sexual assault and bringing the Green Dot training program to campus, were more completely researched and impeccably articulated than some candidates’ entire platforms. She also demonstrated a strong understanding of what is, and what is not, the role of the VPEA.

In the interest of providing the most information possible to students, the CW Editorial Board reached out to and interviewed Ivey Best after she launched her write-in campaign for this position. We believe Best is qualified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this role. Her positions on many substantive issues were the same as Selman’s though she had fewer ideas overall and was adamant that lowering tuition was her most important goal. While we believe she could adequately discharge the duties of this office, we were unsatisfied with her answers for why she did not file an intent to run form for this office in early February and for why she did not launch her write-in campaign earlier in the open campaign period. Her ideas were too little and her candidacy too late to convince us that she was the best candidate for this position.

As with all candidates, Selman had shortcomings that the student body should be aware of as well. Although she frequently mentioned the possibility of uniting the University’s lobbying efforts with those of other in-state schools, she had not effectively communicated that desire to any other school’s elected student representatives. We also fear that she could overextend herself through her ambitious goals, particularly those goals, such as increasing the eligible income and amount of money budgeted to Pell Grants, that involve federal-level lobbying.

Although she may not accomplish all of her goals, the CW Editorial Board endorses Selman and hopes she will be given the opportunity 
to try.

Our View represents the consensus of The Crimson White Editorial Board.