Letter from the Editor: Why we endorse

Sean Landry

News organizations in this country have endorsed candidates for political office for more than 150 years, dating to the New York Times’ endorsement of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Rather than exhibiting a conflict of interest, of which papers from the Times to The CW have been accused, these endorsements are meant to be a summary and declaration of the candidates most suitable for office, considering their character, their platform and how it addresses pressing campus issues, and the people and organizations that will influence them. Every candidate faced an in-depth, thorough interview regarding their platform and qualifications, and the reasoning for each endorsement is clearly listed in each endorsement.

The following opinions reflect the well-considered view of the Editorial Board of The Crimson White. It does not reflect any opinion of those not listed as a member of the Editorial Board, particularly those directly involved in covering the election: news editor Elizabeth Elkin, assistant news editors Arielle Lipan and Caroline Vincent, and reporters Will Jones and Rebecca Rakowitz.