Top Ten: Ways to get ready for finals

Erica Wright

With the passing of midterms and spring break, it is closer to the end of the semester which means finals will be here soon. Professors give tests, papers and projects every week and it seems like finals are the least of anyone’s worries but it is never too early to get ahead.

10. Get ahead

Do not wait until the last minute to begin studying for a final. With finals come plenty of projects, tests and homework assignments as well so be proactive and tackle all assignments before finals week gets here. Try studying at least a week ahead of the final to be well prepared, that way you won’t have to cram and can save yourself valuable time and sleep.

9. Organize

On a calendar or in a planner, pick a day and a time to study for each subject and review a little bit each day. Organize your notes so it doesn’t seem cluttered when studying and makes it easier for you to follow.

8. Make flashcards/ outlines

It may seem like a daunting task, but it is an easier way of studying. In outlines, briefly summarize topics you read in your textbook and your class notes. With flashcards, write down any vocabulary words or key terms on one side and the definitions on the other. Once you are done making your flash card and outlines you now have your very own special study packet to review.

7. Get a study buddy

Many students find it easier to study with a friend or several friends. It is much easier to stay focused on studying when everyone else around you is studying as well. Help each other study by asking possible exam questions and motivate each other to stay focused.

6. Get rid of any disturbances

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Get rid of them! Turn your phone on do not disturb or hide it from yourself so not to get distracted. Cut off any other noisy devices such as a TV or radio, too. Also, try not to study in your room, especially your bed, because it’s a center for sleep and relaxation not for work. Pick a quiet place and crack open those books!

5. Do not freak out

Whatever you do, do not freak out about studying or finals. Take a deep breath and just relax. Finals week can become very overwhelming but only if you let it. Keep a positive attitude. If you need to, leave sticky notes with positive affirmations around your dorm or apartment in order to keep a cool head.

4. Have fun

“No, I can’t hang out, I have finals coming up and so do you!” Everyone has used that excuse at least once before. Don’t let finals keep you from having fun. Tale a break from studying and relax for a while. Order a pizza and have a movie night with friends! You’re still in college. Live it up!

3. Sleep

Studying is important, but so is sleep. A good night’s sleep consists of at least seven hours so the body can function properly. You don’t want to get to your final and blank out because you haven’t gotten any sleep. So, always be well rested before you take any of your finals

2. Attend review sessions

If your professor offers review sessions, take full advantage. Review sessions give vital information about what exactly is going to be on the final and what type of questions will be asked. It is also a good way to see if what you have been studying on your own is the same as the material covered in the session. Take notes during the session and ask questions to go back and study later on.

1: Eat a well-balanced meal

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We’ve all heard that one before. But it is important to eat before taking a final. Whether it is a big meal or a small snack, eating keeps your energy levels up and your brain activity high so remember to eat something before you take your test!