Kappa Sigma appeal denied

Jennie Kushner

The UA chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity was denied an appeal last week concerning the revocation of its national charter, UA spokeswoman Cathy Andreen said in an e-mailed statement.

On Oct. 2, undergraduate representatives, members of the fraternity’s house corporation and alumni traveled Charlotte, N.C., to make the appeal, Mic Wilson, executive director of Kappa Sigma national chapter said last week.

Andreen said a national officer will interview the chapter membership to determine whether the local chapter can re-colonize at some point.

“[Kappa Sigma] is going to send a national representative to Tuscaloosa for the purpose of reviewing the chapter’s membership and the overall operation and see what the reorganization plan would be,” Wilson.

Wilson said the representative will make a recommendation to the board concerning the future of the chapter should be after the representative reviews the fraternity.

“We are still in the process, it is going to take more time, but our board is reviewing,” Wilson said.

According to anonymous sources, two freshmen girls showed up to an Aug. 17 Kappa Sigma function drunk and were later taken to Druid City Hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Members said this incident contributed to the revocation of the fraternity’s charter.

Wilson declined comment on specifics, but said the fraternity lost its charter due to code of conduct violations involving alcohol.

Andreen also declined comment on the alleged events.

“Federal privacy laws prevent the University from discussing individual students,” she said.

Wilson said he could be able to comment further in two or three weeks.

Andreen said students living in the fraternity house will remain there for the time being.

“Although students paying rent to their house corporation are permitted to remain in the house for now, they are not allowed to conduct any activities at the house or within the group,” she said.

“The University will work with the housing corporation to determine the use of the house in the future,” Andreen said.

Gentry McCreary, UA director of Greek Affairs, was contacted last week, and as of Sunday, has yet to respond.

The University of Georgia Kappa Sigma chapter has also been suspended by the national organization.

“At the present time, the chapter is at a suspension of operations and we are in the process of going through our due process,” Wilson told the University of Georgia student newspaper, the Red and Black. “There’s been no decision that the chapter [has] lost its charter.”