MSU students sentenced for ISIS plans

Mike Finnegan

On Wednesday, Muhammad Dahklalla was sentenced 8 years in prison with 15 years of probation for federal terrorism charges. Dahklalla was arrested last Aug. 2015 in the highly publicized story involving involving his fiance Jaelyn Young, a Mississippi State University student, that had made plans with him to join ISIS. 

Young was sentenced to 12 years of prison and the same 15 years of probation earlier on this August, one year after her original arrest. The arrest occurred as Young and Dahkalla were boarding a plan in Columbus, Missouri headed for Turkey. The couple thought they had been in contact with other ISIS sympathizers, but the sympathizers turned out to be undercover FBI agents.

Following their arrest, Young and Dahklalla pleaded guilty and both were convicted on charges of federal terrorism. In addition, Young has also been mandated to complete a mental health treatment. 

Compiled by Mike Finnegan