Homecoming tradition rich at SEC schools

Jennie Kushner

Homecoming is a tradition at any SEC school, but the particulars of the rituals differ and make each school unique.

University of Mississippi, Auburn University and University of Georgia students illustrate their personal Homecoming experiences in different ways.

Auburn senior Amelia Cheeley, an international business major, said this year, the Tigers face the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on Nov. 6.

Cheeley said the week includes school-wide events for students, including the Miss Homecoming elections.

“The Greek community is incredibly involved in Homecoming,” she said. “The Miss Homecoming elections are a huge deal, and each sorority and the majority of the fraternities work on campaigns for the different representatives.”

Cheeley said five girls run for Miss Homecoming, and students can vote online for their candidate of choice.

“Every organization can nominate someone for Miss Homecoming. Elections are then held on a certain day of Homecoming week and students can vote online through AUAccess.”

Cheeley said there are no lawn decorations, but organizations pair together to make a float to stand on the Concourse on Friday and Saturday. Homecoming week at Auburn is a time for students and alumni to show how much they care about their school, Cheeley added.

“I have absolutely loved each of my previous experiences with Auburn’s Homecoming,” she said. “I also have loved helping with campaigns for the Miss Homecoming candidates, because it is so rewarding when she is announced Saturday at the game.”

Becca Barrow, a senior broadcast journalism major, said Homecoming week at UGA isn’t a high priority. Barrow, a member of Kappa Delta sorority, said some members of her sisterhood partake, but others don’t.

“We haven’t ever had involvement except for girls in KD who have been on the court,” she said.

This weekend, UGA faces Vanderbilt University in their Homecoming game. Barrow said the rave isn’t about Homecoming but about their new mascot.

“Past years, it has always been fun seeing people I know win Homecoming king and queen,” she said. “But, this year is the most exciting one for me thus far because they are revealing the new Uga [the school’s bulldog mascot].

“We’ve had Russ, and he’s been great, but since Uga VII died last year, we’re ready for Uga VIII.”

Barrow said organizations do not pomp or have lawn decorations.

SGA senator Joshua Stanfield said students are able to vote for Homecoming Queen and King all week.

He said events begin the Sunday before the game and run until Friday, the day of the Homecoming parade. Wednesday is the Ludacris concert and court presentation.

“Homecoming week is a time where the Dawg Nation can come back to the place they will always consider home,” Stanfield said.

Ole Miss student Chase Dickerson, a junior majoring in business administration, said every weekend of an Ole Miss home game is remarkable, but the Homecoming weekend at Ole Miss is indescribable.

Dickerson said there is a Homecoming parade through campus, and the presentation of the Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King at the halftime of the football game.

There are about five girls running for Homecoming Queen, Dickerson said. Students can vote online for their candidate of choice.

Dickerson is excited to play Alabama for our Homecoming game.

“Going to play Alabama at Alabama for their Homecoming is bound to put some pressure on the Ole Miss football team,” he said. “But regardless of how we play on the field, tons of Ole Miss fans are going to be attending the game and, as we say at Ole Miss, ‘We might not win every game, but we do win every party.’”