U.K. to hold snap election


Mike Finnegan

Following an eventful year of British politics, the U.K. government will hold an early, “snap,” general election on June 8 of this year, a little over a year after the decision to leave the European Union in what has been dubbed Brexit. The U.K. now joins France and Germany as major European countries holding elections this year. 

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party is confident the results of the snap election will increase the currently slim margin her party holds in the House of Commons. With record low approval ratings for the Labour Party, May believes that the people can give her the mandate she needs to negotiate the Brexit conditions.

CNN reports that the Labor Party is throwing support behind a seven week campaign period. Meanwhile, one consequence of the snap election will be a postponement of the scheduled meetings May had with Brussels in moving forward with the Brexit process. 

The official papers that were filed this past March began a two-year countdown for Britain to fully leave the European Union.