SGA President Hunter issues executive order on block seating


Caroline Japal

Student Government Association President Jared Hunter

Will Jones

Student Government Association President Jared Hunter issues the first executive order of his term Monday afternoon, repealing former SGA President Roth’s executive order on the Student Organization Seating process.

Roth’s executive order repealed a Senate bill that would have codified the block seating process. In her veto, Roth listed five changes to the bill, including a provision that would not allow members of The Machine to participate in the Student Organization Seating process. She subsequently placed these changes into an executive order and convened a special session of the senate to discuss a legislative form of the order. When the special session adjourned due to lack of quorum, Senator Robert Pendley motioned to add the order to the docket of the 2016-2017 Senate’s final session. The motion was subsequently voted down. 

In his executive order Hunter said repealing Roth’s “hastily created” executive order will allow the new Senate to discuss and develop block seating legislation. 

“Today’s order was released to correct the wrongs of the preceding executive order. I, along with my Chief of Staff and Executive Council, view the last-minute executive order of the outgoing Roth Administration to serve as little but a political move,” Hunter said in a statement. “Before releasing the order SGA Senate voted unanimously to approve Bill 16, a bill that would have placed Student Organization Seating within the SGA Code of Laws, and a bill that had editing power from a wide range of senators.”

While Hunter’s executive order does repeal Roth’s previous order on the issue, it does not remove the Board of Governors that have been selected.