Roth issues executive order, calls senate into special session


Student Government Association President Lillian Roth issued an executive order Tuesday evening, incorporating five changes into Bill 16, which was previously vetoed.

Will Jones

Last week, Student Government Association President Lillian Roth vetoed Bill 16, which would have codified Student Organizational Seating.

In the press release discussing her veto, Roth listed five changes that she believes the Senate should make to the bill in order for it to be signed. One of the changes includes preventing members of Theta Nu Epsilon, also known as “The Machine” from being a part of the Board of Governors or being involved in the SOS process.

Tuesday evening, Roth issued another press release, in which she said she has signed an executive order incorporating the five changes into the bill after “receiving no indication that members of the Senate would expediently act to pass a suitably amended version of B-16,” according to a portion of Tuesday’s release.

Additionally, Roth called a special session of the Senate to be held Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. with the sole purpose of considering a legislative version of her executive order.

This week is “Capstone Creed Week” at the University. The Creed is essentially a statement of values for students which states that students will pursue knowledge while acting fairly, fostering equality and diversity and pursing all-around excellence. 

“With [Capstone Creed Week] in mind, I call upon the Senate to do the right thing and not give in to special interests or intimidation. I urge the members of the Senate to follow their oaths of office and the Capstone Creed,” Roth said in the release.