Entertainment: West’s ‘Runaway’ ridiculous and unfunny

Trey Irby

I wish I could have no problems with Kanye West.

The guy was at one point a quiet force of hip-hop with a good ear for rhythm. But something set him off. Whether it is success, tragedy or just pure ego, his personality is officially a deterrent.

The proof is in the half-hour vanity project “Runaway.” Now, this is already confusing because there is a video and a “film,” both directed by West. Both have a major point of ballet as a context of beauty. And both are pretentious.

The film is worse than the video in that respect, however. A “phoenix” (hinted at for those who saw the ridiculous banned album cover for the album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”) falls out of the sky and, amazingly, she’s a beautiful woman with wings and makeup over her body. And West brings her back to health, teaches her refinement and has sex with her. But since this has to be extended, there are a lot of gazes at smoke, the woods, a big long table that is the film’s midpoint and fire.

Oh, and there’s also poor acting from our protagonists.

If this is to be treated as a film, it has to be reviewed like a film, but in simpler terms. The acting is horrid as Kanye is apparently a poor editor of his own acting. The shots are exquisite, but they are nothing without a sensible plot. Instead, we just see Kanye have sex with a scarily animalistic creature, either bestial in nature or a worse sign of another rapper’s poor treatment of the female race.

So my laughs and guffaws I have had from Kanye have faded, since “Runaway” isn’t even funny. Perhaps the music is fine, and the song “Runaway” sounds solid, although insulting to anyone who has played a piano longer than five days in their lifetime. However, West has only been buoyed by success to get more ridiculous to the point that it angers. It isn’t really funny anymore.