Bentley rumored to resign from post


Rebecca Rakowitz

After a year of his administration being shrouded in scandal after scandal, rumors have begun to swirl around the state Capitol about whether or not Governor Robert Bentley will resign his post in the near future.

Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, said in an interview with WTVY last week that he believes Bentley will resign no later than next month to avoid possible impeachment.

“From what I’m hearing I would expect by mid-April that the governor either will have resigned or the impeachment committee will be moving at a very rapid pace,” Henry said.

The governor’s office responded to denying the rumors.

“Gov. Bentley takes very seriously his call to serve as Alabama’s 53rd Governor, and considers it the greatest honor of his life,” spokesperson Yasamie August told “He has plans only to continue to serve the people of this state.”

Should the governor resign, Henry told WTVY that he expects the Alabama Ethics Commission to pursue criminal charges against him for his alleged misuse of state funds.