GOP works to secure AHCA votes


Rebecca Rakowitz

President Donald Trump and GOP allies spent Wednesday lobbying for votes for their Obamacare adjustment plan.

Without any support expected from Democrats, the Trump administration can only afford to lose 22 Republican votes. However, many conservative lawmakers on the Hill, such as Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Justin Amash, have contested that Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan is not a true repeal,  but rather a continuation of ideas behind the ACA.

Trump seemed unsure what the outcomes of his efforts would be, and later expressed a lack of confidence.

“Pressed by reporters at a White House meeting about what would happen if the House health bill fails, Trump lowered his voice and said, ‘We’ll see what happens,’” Politico reported.

The bill went through its final review in the House Rules Committee on Wednesday and is expected to come to a floor vote on Thursday.

At a dinner hosted by the National Republican Congressional Committee on Tuesday, Trump told lawmakers that Thursday’s vote is crucial. 

“It really is a crucial vote for the Republican Party and for the people of the country,” Trump said.