Jared Hunter elected SGA President


Jared Hunter is a Junior majoring in political science. 

Jake Howell

Jared Hunter has been elected SGA president, defeating incumbent Lillian Roth and Gene Fulmer.

Hunter, The Machine backed candidate, received 54 percent of the vote, with independent candidate Gene Fulmer coming in second at 29 percent and incumbent Lillian Roth placing third with 16 percent of the vote.

The winner was announced via a Facebook Live video through the SGA Facebook page at 8:07 p.m. Hunter faced an uphill battle following a media blackout sanction against his campaign in the early days of the race, but this was later shortened by the Student Judiciary.

According to the Elections Board however, these results are unofficial. Due to a high number of pending violations, the rulings on these violations had been postponed, and will be decided in the coming days with the unofficial results announced.

“We would like to emphasize that the results released, hopefully on the evening of March 7, will be unofficial and will be not be considered officially certified until all violations have been ruled upon,” per the Elections Board website in a statement from Monday.

It is unclear at present how pending violations may affect the candidates, and if any rulings could lead to grounds for disqualification. The language in the announcement seems to suggest that the results could be declared void in the case of gross misconduct.

“All pending and reported violations are being reviewed and they will be considered, even after the announcement of the unofficial results,” says the Election Board.