OUR VIEW: Mollie Gillis must improve on addressing sexual assault


Mollie Gillis is running for Vice President of Student Affairs.

CW Editorial Board

Editor’s Note: The headline was updated to better reflect the Editorial Board’s concerns with Gillis’ platform. The original text stated that the proposed entertainment district would be on the Strip; it has been updated to reflect our error.

The position of the vice president of student affairs is responsible for handling all issues related to students and improving their experience at the University. It’s a wide-ranging position and a serious undertaking, and the The CW Editorial Board believes that Mollie Gillis must improve the sections of her platform relating to sexual assault if she is to serve effectively.

Gillis’ platform stresses sexual assault prevention. She is proposing continuing the ‘It’s On Us’ program to raise awareness and providing monthly bystander intervention training to students. In addition, she said she would take a “zero tolerance” policy toward sexual assault, but seemed unclear what this meant in practical terms. When asked what she thought the appropriate punishment for a rapist was, she triangulated before eventually, after a long period of silence, saying she believed they should be expelled. Someone responsible for the safety and well-being of University students must be more knowledgeable about the serious issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

The candidate also suggested creating an “entertainment district” downtown that would allow open containers. The Editorial Board was mixed on whether this was a good idea in and of itself, but agreed that Gillis’ plan to make it happen seemed lackluster and unlikely to come to fruition.

There were good aspects of her platform. The Editorial Board agrees with her plan to create a Tide Pride rewards system that incentives students to attend athletic events other than football games, as well as lectures and plays. Her idea of creating a “diversity” designation in classes to encourage students to take courses that would expand their worldview also seems like a good and achievable idea.

While Gillis incorporated good points to her platform, the Crimson White Editorial Board believes Gillis should develop her platform for VPSA to effectively represent the student body at the University.

Our View represents the consensus of The Crimson White Editorial Board. Opinions Editor Kyle Campbell has recused himself due to a personal relationship.