OUR VIEW: Ross D'Entremont is most qualified candidate for any position


Ross D’Entremont, a sophomore majoring in political science and finance, is the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

CW Editorial Board

Some of the members of this Editorial Board have interviewed candidates in two elections cycles now; our Editor-In-Chief has conducted interviews for the past three. We have all unanimously concluded that Ross D’Entremont is more prepared to take office than any candidate we have ever interviewed for any position.

Ross’ central platform idea – academic forgiveness – is not a new one at this university or within SGA. It has not been implemented in previous years due to issues with the University’s accreditation. Ross presented a well-researched plan detailing the University’s history with grade replacement as well as policies of other universities within the SEC. When most of the Editorial Board disagreed with him on a specific aspect of this policy, Ross stood his ground rather than buckle under pressure. We believe that this plank of his platform is achievable, and that he is the right candidate to push it forward.

It admittedly felt a bit like hubris when Ross justified another of his platform points by informing us of his pursuit of a Masters in Public Administration. Yet, the SGA’s notoriously convoluted and inefficient cabinets are in desperate need of restructuring, and Ross has a concrete plan to make that happen within his department should he be elected. We are equally confident that his plans for improving the student advising experience will be fruitful.

The policy we met with the most initial skepticism was Ross’ plan to expand Honors College course offerings, as such plans are very rarely effective. The sustained push from at least 2013 until last year to improve the Honors College’s priority registration system was met with great hesitation, and significant changes to course offerings rarely take place within a single year. Rather than expand the scope of seminars, Ross’ plan would expand Honors designations to many more core curriculum classes. He specified the importance of these offerings in particular to students in the College of Nursing, a school he does not represent in the SGA senate, whom have some of the highest rates of incompletion of Honors requirements due to the lack of availability of courses that meet their schedules. Furthermore, he has already held conversations with the necessary parties that would be involved in such a decision, from both the Honors College and the administration.

We recognize that this evaluation may give excess confidence to someone who arguably needs it less than any student on this campus, but we are genuinely impressed with both the scope and feasibility of these reforms. Should Ross be successful in implementing this platform, it should serve as a model for future SGA candidates in every position. 

Our View represents the consensus of The Crimson White Editorial Board. Visuals Editor Kylie Cowden has recused herself due to a personal relationship.