Roth campaign receives blackout among other sanctions


CW Staff

The Elections Board has found Lillian Roth guilty of posting campaign related material to her personal Instagram page, which constitutes as an intermediate violation of Article III. Section 2F. x. in the Election Manual. Roth had previously been warned by the Elections Board about using her personal Instagram account for publishing campaign related material on March 1, and all candidates had been informed of the rule at a mandatory candidate meeting before the start of the campaign.

As a result of the intermediate violation, the Elections Board has sanctioned a campaign blackout for Roth and her team from 4 to 8 p.m. today, March 3. Furthermore, Roth has been instructed to create a new campaign account on Instagram starting with zero followers and that she must post to all campaign related social media accounts the details of the sanctions placed on her.

In addition, Roth must alert all members of both university affiliated groups (e.g. Chi Omega, Blackburn, etc.) and student groups (such as any Groupme affiliated with her campaign) about the sanctions that have been placed upon her. She is to send the Elections Board rosters of all the above mentioned groups with which she must communicate the sanctions on her. If any members of the above mentioned groups breaks the campaign blackout, Roth will be held accountable.

The Elections Board issued a warning to Roth following an incident in which an SGA hosted event, Night at the Joe, was advertised on her campaign page, which violates the Elections Manual as it states that normal SGA functions must be kept separate from the campaign activities.