Outdoor Recreation offers adventure trips for students


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Justin Smith

Rock climbing, bike riding, backpacking and canoeing are for the adventurous soul, but can be pricey excursions on a college budget. Fortunately, Outdoor Recreation at The University Recreation Center offers such trips at an affordable price for students. These trips are planned throughout the year and offer students a chance to explore nature. Trips are scheduled on the weekend to avoid conflicts with class and give students a break from their busy week.

Transportation and most of the necessary equipment are provided by Outdoor Recreation. Students are only asked to pay a small fee and to bring a few personal items. The price of the fee depends on whether or not the student is an Outdoor Recreation member.

“I love being outside and enjoying nature”, said Jenna Schneider, a sophomore with an undecided major. “When I first arrived to Tuscaloosa I feared that I would not be able to enjoy it as much without a car, but the outdoor Rec has really been very beneficial, and plus the trips are really fun.”

Some of these trips are to various land marks located throughout Alabama. Earlier this semester Outdoor Recreation offered a trip to the Cheaha State Park, the oldest, continously-operated park in the state. There, students had the chance to visit Bald Rock, the highest elevation point in Alabama.

There are no pre-requisites or prior training needed for most of the trips. However, kayaking trips require classes for safety purposes. The kayaking classes are free and take place in the aquatic center. More information about the classes can be found at urec.ua.edu.

These trips also give students the opportunity to meet new people who share their same adventurous spirit.

“The rec trips are very informative and are a great way to meet new people,” said Justin Hoekstra, a freshman majoring in engineering. “The activities that we get to do serve as great bonding opportunities with people that we never met before.”

Students are also encouraged to bring friends to share in the experience, since trips are subject to cancellation due to low participation.

The trip schedule this year has many different adventures for students to embark on. Rock climbing, biking, kayaking, exploring caves and backpacking are all on the list. Students are encouraged to sign up for trips before Wednesday of the week of the trip. More information about each trip can be found at urec.ua.edu. To ask questions about specific trips call 205-348-7045 or email outdoor.recreation@ua.edu