Former UA Professor returns for lecture on segregation in schools


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Annie Milbourn

Former professor in the UA College of Education Jerry Rosiek will return to Tuscaloosa tomorrow from the University of Oregon. He is stopping by during his informative lecture series on resegregation in schools nationwide.

WHO: Open to the public, especially for students in the College of Education

“Anyone can come, especially given that part of the study is based in Tuscaloosa,” said John Petrovic, professor in the College of Education. “I think it’s important for the general public to understand where we are in terms of resegregating schools because it’s important to how our democracy functions.”

WHAT: A brown bag and lecture by Jerry Rosiek on segregation in the curriculum around the country. The brown bag will be a casual time for discussion, with the lecture later on being the main event of informative discussion.

WHERE: 118 Bibb Graves Hall 

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 20, brown bag from noon – 1 p.m., lecture from 5-6:30 p.m.

WHY: To inform students of the reality that segregation still exists in schools today

“For students who are going to be teachers, I think it’s particularly important to understand this because this is a nationwide issue,” Petrovic said. “We are more segregated as a nation than we’ve ever been, so it’s important for students who are going to be teachers to understand what that means to their classrooms.”

Rosiek’s study deals with what students think about resegregation and why this is happening to them again in this day and age. Rosiek will also be discussing the history of segregation at Central High School here in Tuscaloosa.

“For the general population, I think there’s an idea that things like racism and desegregation, efforts to desegregate, have long passed and that we’ve achieved it,” Petrovic said. “But that’s certainly not the case.”