Moore Trouble for Suspended Chief Justice

Mike Finnegan

Acting Alabama Chief Justice Lyn Stuart ordered suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore to turn in his keys and remove all personal effects from his office last week, giving Moore until Tuesday to comply. Stuart said all official mail addressed to Moore will be opened to keep the judiciary operating 
efficiently, while his personal mail will be left for Moore to pick up.

Stuart’s instructions come following Moore’s suspension by the Alabama Court of Judiciary for issuing orders instructing county clerks not to uphold the United States Supreme Court ruling on 
same-sex marriage.

Since the COJ’s ruling, Moore has filed for an appeal of his suspension to the Alabama Supreme Court and has asked four of his fellow justices to be recused from the case.

“The hostile treatment of Chief Justice Moore, the demand he remove his 
personal effects, and the abrupt termination of his three law clerks (who had been 
temporarily reassigned to other justices) is unseemly,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, a legal 
nonprofit representing Moore in the appeal.

Staver argues Stuart’s actions are 
prejudging Moore, thus creating conditions for an unfair trial. Stuart has not responded to the criticisms made by Staver.