Citizens’ Climate Lobby to host Community Meeting


Pools of water form in depressions where ice has melted in the Arctic Ocean.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Ben Stansell

The Southern Energy Freedom Tour is traveling throughout southern states such as Texas, Louisiana and Alabama to familiarize communities with the Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation that the Citizens’ Climate Lobby has 
developed. Speakers from the national organization will be explaining the details of their proposed legislation and how they intend on passing it through Congress with bipartisan support.

“The revenue neutral legislation will place a predictable, steadily rising price on carbon over the next 20 years,” said Jones Fowler, the co-chair of the Tuscaloosa branch of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. “The fees collected will then be returned to help lower and middle class households as a monthly dividend.”

In order to find out more about Citizens’ Climate Lobby and its climate solutions, visit or attend the meeting on Tuesday.