US National Park Service to celebrate National Fossil Day


Alabama Museum of Natural History visitors will be able to see fossils up close and bring in their own fossils to be identified by experts.

CW / Caroline Japal

Camille Studebaker

The U.S. National Park Service is celebrating its seventh annual National Fossil Day this week. The day is intended to promote a general awareness of fossils and create a stronger recognition of their scientific and educational value.

The University of Alabama’s Smith Hall Museum of Natural History will be hosting its own celebration of National Fossil Day.

Who: Anyone is welcome to attend, and it is recommended for all ages.

What: National Fossil Day is a nationwide event sponsored by the National Park Service. The event is a free celebration of fossil appreciation and stewardship for the public. There will be several tables set up, one of which is the museum’s table with Paleontologist Dr. Dana Ehrt. She will have various Alabama fossils on display, and people may also bring fossils to be identified by experts.

When: Wednesday, Oct. 12 from 4-6 p.m.

Where: Smith Hall’s Alabama Museum of Natural History

“There are various museums all over the U.S. that have events that day promoting the study of fossils,” said John Friel, director of Alabama Museum of Natural History.