Experienced Hailey Brohaugh silently makes big impact on Alabama


Hannah Saad

Hailey Brohaugh has played in at least 15 games each season over the last four years for Alabama.

Ben Stansell

At Alabama’s senior night on Sunday, the Crimson Tide’s veteran players will be honored before they play the last few games of their collegiate careers, starting with Mississippi State. For Hailey Brohaugh, a fifth-year senior from Madison, Mississippi, senior night will mark one of the rare occasions on which she is recognized for her critical role on the team, and she is perfectly okay with it.

Since her redshirt freshman season, Brohaugh, who is majoring in exercise science with a minor in psychology, has been a steady presence on the field for Alabama. She seen action in at least 15 games each year. Despite being an integral part of Alabama’s increasing success, Brohaugh has managed to fly under the radar. In part, Brohaugh’s understated presence is due to her positon: holding midfielder.

Playing midfield can be a thankless job, according to Brohaugh. She, along with her fellow midfielders, are called on to control possession during the game by playing both offense and defense. As a result, Brohaugh is not usually a player who puts up gaudy stat lines.

Although Brohaugh’s impact is not always apparent in the box score, it is certainly not lost on her teammates, coaches or those who watch the Crimson Tide play.

“Everyone on the team makes fun of me because they say that I don’t get enough credit for how much I work, but you know that’s what I signed up for,” Brohaugh said. “I never really got much credit growing up but I’m willing to put in the work and do what the team needs. I don’t really ever expect the recognition or rewards.”

Brohaugh’s importance to Alabama’s team extends beyond her play on the pitch. She is also looked to as a leader on and off the field for the Crimson Tide, especially after Kaley Verpeale, one of her midfield mates, went down with a season-ending ACL tear earlier this year.

“When Verp got hurt earlier this season it put a little pressure on me and now I have to be one [midfielder] every time so I have to step up into that role. I just try to be a leader to whoever is next to me,” Brohaugh said.

Along with the rest of the Tide, Brohaugh is facing the challenge of getting Alabama’s season back on track against Mississippi State this Sunday.

Alabama is emerging from a troublesome stretch in its schedule during which it played the top-four teams in the SEC (South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M, Tennessee) in a matter of a few weeks. After losing all four games to these top-tier opponents, along with drawing against LSU and losing to Auburn, Alabama is still searching for an elusive SEC victory.

Besides being senior night, Alabama’s 5 p.m. matchup against Mississippi State this Sunday will be a Power of Pink game. Power of Pink is an initiative seen throughout Alabama athletics to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.