Senate passes act to create online advising for Arts and Sciences students


Jackson Fuentes

Thursday night’s succinct Senate meeting focused mainly on legislation regarding Senator’s assistants, as well as online advising to students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Before legislation was introduced, however, the speaker of the Senate briefly acknowledged that two Senate inquiry sessions were in the process of being planned.  The tentative dates for those sessions are Friday, Nov. 10 and Nov. 17.  

Following the speaker’s brief announcement, the Senate discussed Act 10, which offers online advising to some students within the College of Arts and Sciences.  The option of online advising will be made available to those students who have exceeded 44 credit hours and are not either freshmen or entering their final semester before graduation.  The act was authored by Senator Baily Martin and, after being sent to the Academic Affairs Committee and discussed by the Senate, was passed.  

Martin, a junior majoring in international studies, political science and Spanish, said the bill offers more flexibility for both students and advisors when scheduling advising appointments for the College of Arts and Sciences.

“There are some guidelines on how to implement such a program,” Martin said.  “Now Ross D’ Entremont, [SGA] Vice President of Academic Affairs will get to read over the bill… [and] we’re excited to see where he takes it.”

Additionally, the Senate heard Bill 05, which would allow senators to hold assistants in their offices.  These assistants would be able to research legislation, reach out to faculty and administrators, proxy for their senator, communicate with external entities and write statements for their senator.  After brief discussion, the bill was sent to the Rules Committee.

Order of Events:  

  1. Announcements made regarding two possible Senate inquiry sessions occurring on Nov. 10 and 17.
  2. Act A-10 offering online advising to some College of Arts and Sciences students was reintroduced and subsequently passed.
  3. Bill B-05 allowing senators to hold assistants in their offices was introduced and sent to the Rules Committee.