University student files motion against Elections Board

Jackson Fuentes

A “Motion to Compel” has been filed against The University of Alabama Elections Board by University student Ryan Truitt, junior management information systems major. Truitt’s motion comes after the Election Board’s numerous failures to comply with regulations and serve the public in a timely manner, according to the motion, and it urges the SGA Judiciary to take action against the board.  

His motion takes issue with items such as expense reports, election results and evidence of violations failing to reach the public domain in a timely manner, or at all.  In October, The Crimson White highlighted this failure to comply when the Elections Board admitted to failing to follow the  Elections Manual. 

“Further, trust in the Elections Board cannot be expected when basic information has not been published for the public, including but not limited to elections violations, sanctions, and full results of the election,” read Truitt’s motion, which was sent to The Crimson White. “… Under the direction of two separate Elections Board chairs, the Elections Board has failed to properly follow the rules set forth in the Spring 2017 Elections Manual. The electoral process … has suffered in credibility and prestige as a result of these inconsistencies and the blatant disregard for the electoral process.”  

Truitt suggested in his motion that the Judiciary order the Elections Board to publish full financial disclosure forms, complete tabulated results, all elections violation reports and sanctions imposed for the spring 2017 and fall 2017 elections. He also suggested that since the Elections Board is in violation of the Spring 2017 Elections Manual, all elections in which the manual was in effect “shall be null and void.”

The Judiciary’s official order is expected to be released to the public on Monday, at which time the Judiciary’s chief justice should be able to answer questions about what the court’s ruling entails for 2017 SGA elections.