Geocaching challenge to increase geography awareness


Camille Studebaker

As a part of geography awareness week, students can visit the geography table set up in the Ferguson Center to see and play in a virtual reality sandbox, learn more about how climate is studied using tree rings, and learn how to explore the world.

The table also gives students the opportunity to sign up for Club Geography’s Geocaching Challenge, which is a 36-hour competition, beginning Tuesday, Nov. 14, where students can team up with a group of up to four people and go around campus finding geocaches, which are boxes hidden near geographically relevant locations. Winning teams will receive the following prizes: First place – $250, second place – $175, third place – $100, and social media – $50. 

Instructions for the competition and the sign up link are both available at:

What: Geocaching Challenge. Part of Geography awareness week. 

Who: Students are encouraged to sign up for the competition and visit the informational table. The events are sponsored by the Geography department and Club Geography.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 14 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Where: Geocaches will be located around campus. To learn more about the Geography department, visit the geography table at the Ferguson Student Center

Why: “This whole week is geography awareness week, so that is why we have this event this week, just to spread knowledge about what geography is and what geographers do,” said Johanna Engstrom, geospatial services manager of the geography department.