SGA President Jared Hunter resigns

SGA President Jared Hunter resigns

Photo courtesy of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

Jessa Reid Bolling

Jared Hunter, president of the SGA at The University of Alabama, has formally submitted his resignation as of 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

His resignation comes after he was arrested early Sunday morning for driving under the influence and getting into a head-on collision with another car.

Hunter released a statement announcing his resignation and issuing an apology to the UA community and his family and friends, saying he feels “insurmountable” guilt for his actions and that he will take “every step necessary to rectify [his] wrongdoings.”

“There are no words to express how remorseful I am about my actions,” Hunter said. “What I did was careless and completely irresponsible. I apologize to the victims that I directly affected, as well as to my family, friends, and the entire student body. Additionally, I apologize to the campus administration and everyone who comprises The University of Alabama community. What I have done reflects poorly on myself, the UA Student Government Association, and The University of Alabama.”

The statement went on to say there is no way to justify drunk driving and that Hunter acknowledges his actions “risked the lives of countless others.”

Hunter said his resignation is in the best interest of both the UA community and to those whom he cares for. He also said that he is currently seeking the guidance of both family, friends and the UA administration in order to “better [himself]” and “attend to the consequences of [his] actions.”

“I am heartbroken to have disappointed so many, but in order to promote ethical behavior, this is the action that must be taken,” he said.

In an accompanying statement, Lance McCaskey, SGA attorney general, said Executive Vice President Casey Nelson will fill the presidential vacancy and take the Presidential Oath “as soon as possible.”

Dean of Students Tim Hebson thanked Hunter in a statement and said the University looks forward to working with Nelson.

“We thank him for his service this year and know that he will use this experience as a learning opportunity,” he said. “We expect a smooth transition as Casey Nelson, SGA executive vice president, follows the duties of her current position and assumes responsibility as president for the remainder of Jared’s term.We look forward to working with her in this new role.”

Stephanie Shamblin, the program assistant for the SGA, said the swearing in will take place some time Tuesday.