Senate sends constitution to student body for ratification

Katherine Martin

Members of the Student Government Association Senate voted in favor of the newly proposed SGA constitution at Thursday’s meeting.

Attorney General Ryan Sprinkle said if the student body passes the new constitution Feb. 1, it will help make the student experience at the University a better one.

“The new constitution will leave a lasting impression on campus and will help make great strides on achieving more diversity on campus,” Sprinkle said.

Senators Ryan Flamerich and David Simpson proposed two amendments to the constitution before the Senate voted to pass it.

Flamerich proposed that the selection committee for First Year Council, a group of freshman students who work alongside the SGA, will be composed of two members from each branch, one member of the Residence Hall Association and the SGA adviser.

In the event of a tie in voting for a potential First Year Councilman, the adviser of First Year Council would get to vote.

Flamerich said having a member of the Residence Hall Association on the committee will make it more constructive.

“We put these provisions back in the constitution because we need to make the SGA more accountable and transparent for our students, and having a member of the RHA will make it better,” Flamerich said.

The new amendment will add three members from the committee that was originally comprised of one member from each branch and members from the RHA.

Simpson’s proposal was a change of wording from the word “budgetary” to “budgets.”

Flamerich said the constitution is an amazing document that he wants every student to vote in favor of passing.

“The new constitution will make a more effective, accountable SGA that works for students,” Flamerich said.

Senator David Wilson said he fully supports the new constitution.

There were a few minor changes in the proposed document, Wilson said, but that was to be expected in the governmental process.

“It’s about as good as anyone could ask for,” he said.

Wilson said the constitution will help to include students from all areas of campus.

“I like to think of SGA not as its own entity, but as an entity of the whole campus,” Wilson said.

The biggest changes, Wilson said, are a more effective executive branch and better performing senate; additionally, each branch of government is strengthened for the betterment of representing the entire campus.

The addition of the secretary of the speaker position will help, Wilson said.

Sprinkle said the SGA will hold a meeting, set for Monday at 8 p.m. in the Ferguson Center Forum for members of the SGA and other students interested in campaigning for the new constitution.

Senators also passed a resolution congratulating UA cheerleaders on their national championship title. This is the first national championship for the cheerleaders since 1983.

The senators also encourage students to attend the Law School Fair on Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Ferguson Center Ballroom. Representatives from 47 accredited law schools will be available to answer questions and provide administration information.