Elections Board releases official SGA candidate list


Jackson Fuentes

The Elections Board released the executive board candidates for the 2018-2019 term this morning with three people running for SGA president and the rest of the candidates running unopposed.

Vice President for External Affairs Price McGiffert aims to serve the campus as president with his “strong background in academics, leadership and service.” McGiffert has also been involved in organizations such as the Honors College and Capstone Men and Women. In his statement on the SGA website, McGiffert said he wants his campaign “to be focused on and surrounded with students like you and me.”

Senator Marissa Navarro is running for president because “it’s time to change the standard of expectations on our campus.” Navarro has also gotten involved by joining the College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors and the Blackburn Institute. Additionally she has created the Hispanic-Latino Association. Navarro aims to “create a campus where student wellbeing and safety are top priorities.”

As SGA’s director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Senator Amber Scales works “daily to foster a campus community that stands against hatred and embraces diversity.” Additionally, Scales has contributed to the University by serving as the Vice Chair of the Blackburn Institute and as a member of the Capstone Men and Women, among other activities. As president, Scales aims to “create an environment where every student can feel safe, access resources, and be successful.”

Lauren Forrest is running unopposed for executive vice president. Forrest hopes to transfer her leadership experience to the executive vice president position by using her past experience as chief implementation officer in the President’s cabinet, a senator for the College of Commerce and an executive deputy director of events for programming & advancement among other things. Forrest aims to “increase collaboration between SGA and the student body with reliable and sustainable programs to provide a community of inclusion for all members of Capstone.”

Ross D’Entremont is running unopposed for vice president of academic affairs. He plans to continue building on the foundation which they have built for the past years. D’Entremont is running for re-election to “finish that work and continue what we started.” He aims to continue fighting sexual assault on campus and increase our academic standing among SEC schools. 

Harrison Adams is running unopposed for vice president of external affairs. Adams points to his experience as a senator as his greatest learning experience and hopes to use that experience to do things such as raise funds for emergency overdose kits, increase funds for the SAFE program and work to give out more scholarships to students at the University, among other things. 

Senator Clay Gaddis is running unopposed for Vice President of Financial Affairs and hopes to ensure funding for areas such as the SANE program at DCH and First Year Council. Gaddis also aims to expand Dining Dollars and Bama Cash. 

Sophomore history major Clay Martinson is running unopposed for vice president of student affairs and plans to use his insight and experience from serving as associate vice President of student affairs and chairman of the IFC Athletic Engagement Committee to further assist students via his five point platform. If elected, Martinson “will also ensure that students can have their voices heard, and the issues that they are most passionate about are addressed in a thoughtful way.”

Senate Communications Director Claudia Hogan has announced her candidacy for executive secretary. Hogan also serves as the communications assistant for the College of Communication and Information Sciences and vice president of communications for the Public Relations Council of Alabama, among other things. Hogan is “prepared to take on all the responsibilities of this role and improve upon them with articulation and innovation.”