OUR VIEW: With an unambitious platform and few specifics, Hogan leaves much to be desired


CW Editorial Board

The position of executive secretary seems to be almost an afterthought in the construction of the SGA Executive Council, existing solely to keep track of SGA hours and keep and publicize records of what the SGA does – jobs that surely do not require an entire executive position. It is no surprise, then, that Claudia Hogan, seems to have entered into this campaign as an afterthought, with few ideas and even fewer specifics on how to implement them. 

She acknowledged that many past candidates for this position have all had similar ideas: digitizing the keeping of office hours, improving the SGA website and ensuring that all pertinent SGA documents, like Senate dockets, are digitized and put on the website to increase transparency. These are all central parts of Hogan’s platform, as well. Though these ideas have been discussed for many campaign cycles, they have yet to actually be implemented, and Hogan gave us little hope that things would be any different under her leadership. 

When pressed for information as to how her platform points would actually be put into place, she stated that she had not yet thought about the specifics and had yet to talk to many of the people who would be involved in making these changes. She also talked about many things outside of her control as executive secretary, such as creation of an SGA app she believes is in the works and the hiring of a more effective SGA webmaster. 

Claudia Hogan will become executive secretary and will fulfill the basic requirements of the position. She will probably not make any of the changes she purports to wanting to see, and the position of executive secretary will continue to be irrelevant to anything else besides padding a resume.