OUR VIEW: Adams a capable candidate with good ideas, should improve details of plans


CW Editorial Board

Though UA’s campus can often feel like an insular bubble, we are part of a larger Tuscaloosa community that we need to remain connected to and communicate with. That is why the position of vice president of external affairs exists within the SGA, and candidate Harrison Adams will be able to fulfill this role well if he creates specific plans to implement the ideas that he has. 

Adams’ platform contains many ideas related to both UA’s relationship with Tuscaloosa and the state as a whole. In terms of his ideas geared towards Tuscaloosa, he wishes to raise funds for the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) program, something many candidates expressed interest in. He also wants to work with the city to actually establish the downtown entertainment district that has been long discussed. While these are good ideas, Adams did lack some specifics as to how these would actually be implemented. 

One idea Adams, and many candidates, are particularly fond of is increasing lighting both on and off campus to prevent crime, especially sexual assault. It has been proven time and time over that lighting does little in reducing crime rates and almost nothing in reducing sexual assault, as more than 80 percent of sexual assault occurs at the hands of someone the victims knows. However, when told about these realities, Adams largely disregarded them and said he still believes increased lighting is a good idea to increase off-campus safety. This Editorial Board hopes that he and other candidates so committed to this idea will abandon this fools errand and focus on measures that will have an actual impact on preventing crime and sexual assault. 

Adams also has ideas more geared towards campus life that this Editorial Board hopes to see him accomplish, especially his platform point of putting emergency medical overdose kits in all Greek houses and residence halls. Though this plan, too, needs specific details as to who would have the training and authority to use these kits in an emergency, it is an admirable idea that shows Adams’ commitment to truly serving students. 

Adams has considerable past experience in the external affairs realm of the SGA and long-standing relationships with past VPEA’s who will no doubt help him transition into the role. He is a capable candidate with good ideas to further students’ experiences both on campus and in the larger Tuscaloosa area, should he add specifics to his implementation plans.