Navarro stunned after receiving seven percent of presidential vote



Jackson Fuentes

After less than five minutes, the SGA Elections Board released the results of the 2018 spring elections. 

Shortly after the release, SGA presidential candidate Marissa Navarro said “the Machine won again.” 

Navarro, a junior majoring in spanish and international studies, received seven percent of the vote, while candidates Price McGiffert and Amber Scales each received 68 and 23 percent respectively.

A few minutes later, Navarro called in to congratulate longtime-friend Cara Clay on her re-election to the senate. Navarro, a senator herself, has worked with Clay throughout the year as a senator. 

Navarro said the number of executive positions that ran unopposed in addition to the current distrust that the student body holds against its representatives may have been a defining factor in the low voter turnout.

“I think a lot of people have just lost all confidence in SGA,” Navarro said. “When you don’t see representation of yourself within SGA, it’s not like electing one person is going to change that.”

Navarro said she hoped McGiffert would take this opportunity to listen to the student body and their needs. 

“I hope he just listens to what the student body wants and needs,” Navarro said. 

Navarro said she wasn’t sure how she felt after the results were released, but said she would continue to serve students.

“I know that I love this campus, and I love the people on this campus,” Navarro said. “Win or lose, I’m still invested in this campus and the students that attend this school.

Navarro said the election was only one negative for the year.

“This was just an obstacle and a bump in the road,” Navarro said. “I know what I’m capable of.”

Navarro’s campaign team remained positive even after the results were released, congratulating Navarro on her accomplishment as the first Hispanic woman to run. While the campaign was displeased with the percentage of votes they received, they ultimately rallied behind Navarro’s willingness to fight despite the obstacles.

Jarrod Stisher, a junior majoring in public relations, spoke about how the election results were received by the campaign team, describing that he had faith until the end.

“I knew it was going to be difficult winning against certain groups, and I understand that kind of influence over the campus is hard to take over,” Stisher said. “I still had my faith, regardless of the situation.”

Stisher said he was proud of the team as a whole.

“Regardless of how the results went, I’m still proud of what we did and what we accomplished,” Stisher said. “We got everyone together and tried to get it done.”

Stisher said his favorite part of working on the campaign was watching Navarro grow.

“She went to all of these different places that stepped out of her comfort zone,” Stisher said. “I really appreciate her doing that and having the strength to do that in order to achieve something better not just for herself but for all of us.”

Navarro will return to the Senate on Thursday for business as usual.