Bradley Bozeman gets chance to prove himself at Pro Day


Sam MacDonald

Bradley Bozeman had 27 reps of 225 lbs. at Alabama's Pro Day, per UA.

Ben Stansell

Former Alabama Center Bradley Bozeman was not too upset about missing out on an invite to attend the 2018 NFL combine in Indianapolis last weekend.

Bozeman knew that he would have an opportunity to prove himself in front of NFL coaches and scouts at Alabama’s Pro Day today.

“It’s cool to get an invite, but I wasn’t really that worried about it to be honest,” Bozeman said. “I knew we had a big stage here. I think all of the coaches showed up. Coach Belichick was here. I know a couple other coaches were here.”

The main thing Bozeman wanted to show NFL personnel was that he possesses the ability to cut weight in order to perform to the best of his abilities at the next level.

“I talked to my agent and my family and we thought that it would be a nice thing to show that I have the discipline to be able to drop weight and get down to a certain weight,” Bozeman said.

After nearly two months of dieting and working out, Bozeman weighed in at 296 pounds at Pro Day. That was a whopping 32 pounds lighter than he weighed at the end of the season, according to Bozeman.

Bozeman said that he felt “light on his feet” and had “good flexibility” when performing drills that tested speed and mobility, including the 40-yard dash.

Although Bozeman has shed significant weight over recently, he does not think it has affected one of the characteristics that helped earn him the distinction of 2017 second team all-American: his strength.

Bozeman bench pressed 27 reps of 225 pounds during Alabama’s Pro Day. An impressive tally even without considering that he has not bench pressed in the past two weeks due to a strained pectoral.

Now that Pro Day is over, Bozeman will focus less on drills and more on improving his football abilities.

“I just want to sharpen my football skills,” Bozeman said. “We’ve been training for 40s and five-ten-fives and now drills. Now it’s time to really get back into football stuff and keep expanding my game that way.”

Bozeman is currently projected to be selected in the sixth round of the NFL draft by Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller.