Man arrested at local Walmart Supercenter after vehicle pursuit


CW File

Camille Studebaker

Saturday night at least eight officers at Walmart on Skyland in Tuscaloosa arrested Steven Dawson after he ran into a cement barrier with his truck and ran into the store. 

Multiple people uploaded videos of the incident and one uploaded by Raven Bosch currently has more than 115,000 views and nearly 150 shares. In the video, an officer appears to punch the man down, and another officer is yelling about “resistance.”

Bosch, a Tuscaloosa native who posted a video on Facebook of the incident, said the whole thing was “pretty great.”

“All I really saw was a bunch of cop cars passing by the door then a bunch of people ran in right before he wrecked in front of the door, then he ran inside with at least eight to 10 cops running behind him,” Bosch said. “The cop in front said ‘drop,’ and he dropped where the self checkout lines are in that little circle, they detained him and walked him out.” 

The passenger in Dawson’s vehicle was found unconscious and transferred to DCH Medical Center for treatment. 

Dawson is being held on $1.5 million bond for trafficking in methamphetamine, reckless endangerment, attempting to elude, failure to affix a tax stamp and giving a false address.