Frost Bite is Tuscaloosa’s newest ice cream obsession


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Customers are lining up to get a taste of the newest ice cream in town. CW File.

Tuscaloosa is no stranger to ice cream, but the ice cream that Frost Bite is rolling up provides customers with a brand new, tasty experience.

Frost Bite, which features a unique take on the popular dessert, is the first of its kind to open in Tuscaloosa. Customers were so excited to try rolled ice cream that lines formed outside the doors during its soft opening on June 29.

Quickly becoming the country’s latest internet sensation, rolled ice cream fascinates customers as they watch a liquid base poured over a metal surface freeze into a creamy texture right before their eyes.

Frost Bite offers both rolled and nitrogen blasted dishes. While Tuscaloosa is not a complete stranger to nitrogen blasted ice cream – Dippin’ Dots has a similar strategy to make its treats – the ice cream Frost Bite offers has a creamier texture than the former.

Ruth Ann Barger, a close friend of the owner and junior at The University of Alabama, testifies the ice cream is absolutely delicious.

Barger and her boyfriend, Dalton Dover, attended an earlier soft opening at Frost Bite for only a few friends of the owners.

Barger had nitrogen blasted chocolate with marshmallow ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce while Dover chose a rolled ice cream dish with a cheesecake base and Oreo.

Both customers stated they left the store happy and eager for their next visit.

Frost Bite has caught the attention of many Tuscaloosa natives through Facebook and Instagram via customers uploading pictures of their creations.

“I expected it to be really good, but freezing,” said Victoria Jones, a sophomore at The University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa native.

“It was great,” Jones, who ordered a cheesecake rolled ice cream with chocolate chips, said. “The ice cream was so sweet and the chocolate chips were so crushed up they were like little flakes mixed in.”

Alexa Rosenberg, a junior at The University of Alabama, sees Frost Bite all over her social media. She shared her excitement about visiting the store and seeing how its dessert compares to normal ice cream.

“I will 100 percent act like a little kid when I get it,” Rosenberg said.

Frost Bite offers both custom made treats and a few rotating combination menu items. Since all ice cream is made to order the pricing varies, but the rotating combinations are $6.99. Frost Bite offers a sweet cream dairy ice cream base as well as a vegan, dairy-free coconut milk option. After choosing a base, the customer is able to decide on flavors and toppings, which include add-ons such as cookies, brownie bites and various candies.

“I didn’t expect there to be so many options when ordering,” Jones said. “Everyone I’ve talked to has had a great experience, as have I, so I think they’ll do well.”

The new restaurant is located at 1914 University Blvd., Suite C next to Ajian Sushi. It is open every day from 3 to 9 p.m.