OUR VIEW: Constitution should be approved

Our View

Tomorrow, students will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed SGA constitution. We understand many students may not feel the need to vote on this document. It is simply hard to get people excited about a legal document.

However, this constitution is the most important thing students will vote on this year. While the people we elect to serve in SGA offices come and go, this constitution will remain in force for generations of students.

The need for a new SGA constitution is profound. Over the years, the current constitution has been sloppily amended, and all of the changes have not been updated. The result has been an SGA that has not always worked under a system of clear rules and guidelines.

Thanks to the leadership of SGA President James Fowler and Attorney General Ryan Sprinkle, we now have a concrete proposal to correct these deficiencies. The committee that drafted this proposal included six students from all ends of campus. They logged over 300 hours making compromises and generating ideas in what may have been the most fair and balanced effort to reform the SGA in its 97 year history.

While there are no radical changes between the proposed constitution and the current one, the changes that will be made – like, for instance, giving the senate more independence and allowing senators to choose their own leader – are not insignificant.

Furthermore, the new SGA constitution will codify some of the most important priorities the SGA has worked on this year. Fowler based his presidential campaign on transparency, diversity, and accountability, and the new constitution will embody those principles in the SGA moving forward. It will put the SGA on a firmer legal footing, and create a more conducive environment for student leaders working to improve this campus in the years ahead.

We commend Fowler and Sprinkle for their leadership. We commend the process they established to undertake this daunting task. We commend this proposal and urge every student to cast a historic vote in its support tomorrow.

Our View is the consensus of The Crimson White editorial board.