Q&A with Kayleigh Meighan, homecoming queen candidate

CW/ Kayleigh Meighan

CW/ Kayleigh Meighan

Amber Boswell, Contributing Writer

Q: What is your year, major and hometown?

A: I’m a senior anthropology major from Richmond, Virginia. I’m also a member of the Randall Research Scholars Program.

Q: What inspired you to run?

A: I’ve known three women who have run for homecoming queen, all of whom are successful and compassionate and inspired me to run my own campaign. None of them won, but I think all of them would do it over again simply because the process, while stressful at times, was fun and brought them closer to others. Even being just a few days into campaigning, I’ve already made great memories, and my friends and family have shown so much love and support. Whether I win or lose the election, I think I’ve gained more from the experience than any crown could give me. I’m inspired by the women who showed me that anyone who believes in themselves and a cause can be homecoming queen, and the experiences you garner while doing it are infinitely rewarding.

Q: What is your platform and why are you passionate about it?

A: My platform is grounded in the idea that we should be actively working to improve the community in which we live. I want my peers to work with people of different backgrounds, heritages and socioeconomic statuses to foster kindness and compassion within themselves. My philanthropic platform is based on Schoolyard Roots, an organization local to Tuscaloosa. They bring after-school gardening education to children in an effort to combat multiple issues plaguing families in our region. The schools in which they operate are often in low-income areas in food deserts, areas lacking access to fresh and healthy food. Schoolyard Roots also incorporates math and science concepts into their programs because Alabama’s education system often fails to prepare its students with these fundamental concepts.

I’m passionate about healthy living and eating, supporting local farmers and giving children an equal start wherever they are in the world. I support the amazing mission of Schoolyard Roots because it’s for the Earth, for the community and for the kids.

Q: Why do you think students should care about homecoming court?

A: Homecoming is something we’ll never get to experience again once we leave college. It’s a time to shamelessly get involved in University activities like dance competitions, pomping, parades and pep rallies. Voting for homecoming queen is another way we can and should be involved. We should care about voting for people who serve to represent the student body. If you take part in the madness of homecoming, you might just have some fun. Why shouldn’t we care?

Q: Why should students vote for you?

A: I’m not a well-connected southerner, nor I am president of ten different organizations. I’m someone who values hard work, volunteering and lifting up others to reach their potential. If you think that giving back to the Tuscaloosa community is important, if you care about the next generation of local leaders and if you are tired of the same people winning elections again and again, vote for me!