Biggest gymnastics meet of the season tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Jason Galloway

Alabama has won 100 straight meets over Auburn, dating back to coach David and Sarah Patterson’s first year at the school 33 years ago. The Crimson Tide will try to to make it 101 tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Coleman Coliseum.

Although Auburn has not won in 33 years, the rivalry has not diminished. Here’s what members of the team said earlier in the week about this rivalry and the team’s unprecedented streak.

Sarah Patterson: “Is [the streak] something that means a lot and is important to me? Absolutely. It means a lot to every athlete that’s come through our program. The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is great in every sport. I remember one year early in my career we walked in [at Auburn] and the video production going on as we were getting ready for the meet was a replay of an Alabama-Auburn football game that Auburn obviously won. I quickly learned what it means to compete against Auburn and be successful.”

Sophomore Ashley Sledge: “We don’t really take into consideration how many years it takes to win 100 times in a row. We all just know you don’t want to be the class to lose it. [The streak] is very important. It’s way up there. We really just want to dominate this weekend.”

Junior Rachel Terry: “[If the streak ended], it would be miserable in every aspect I can think of. It would be terrible. We don’t even see that as an option. We’re going to go in and dominate. My parents were in their 20’s the last time we lost to Auburn. It’s a pretty big deal.”

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