Fraternity guys need to dress with more effort

Fraternity guys need to dress with more effort

Zach Boros, Contributing Writer

Can you imagine women gracing you with their presence for you to wear that same lousy, unoriginal thinly-striped polo shirt and those semi-cargo fishing shorts again? The confidence one must have to think that is acceptable is astounding. But here we are, on fraternity row, where carbon copies of mayonnaise-plain outfits are worn for every occasion. You’re not in pledge gear anymore Jeff; you can wear what you want!

And, worst of all, this is considered “dressing up.” Who exactly is this supposed to impress? You were probably the tenth guy wearing the same combination of an outfit that a woman has seen – in the last half hour. She’s not impressed. Just because the words “southern,” “cotton” or “marsh” are in the names of the brands does not mean you need to buy it. In fact, stay away from it. You’re from a suburb of Chicago, Brad. You’re trying too hard to fit the made-up “southern” look.

Dressing better is more than just how you look, it’s about how you present yourself to others. If you put no effort into how you look, why should anybody else put in effort to know you? If half your fraternity house dresses exactly the same, how do you stand out? This is a competition, guys. And wearing that same miserable outfit, again, means you have lost. Adam, John, Ken, Mike and the rest of your house all have that outfit, and they plan on wearing it. Will you be lazy and wear it too?

Listen guys, it’s time to stop expecting women to impress you. They owe you nothing. Show them that you care about yourself, how you look and how you are presented to others. The unwashed polo shirt you wore this past game day that was sitting on the ground does not cut it anymore. Quite frankly, it’s pathetic. You are so accustomed to thinking that women dress up for you, wear makeup for you and are supposed to impress you that you have allowed yourself to fall into this pit of distasteful uniformity. On your way out of the pit, grab some motivation, drop the notion that women are supposed to impress you and then go put in some work into how you present yourself.

There are so many resources online to help you dress better. Many clothing websites have assembled outfits that you can use for inspiration or buy. There are countless men’s fashion blogs if you would just take the time to Google it. There is Reddit, which has specific subreddits for male fashion (r/malefashionadvice is an example). Next time you go to a big city (I’m looking at you Brad, from the Chicago area), just take a minute to look at how other guys are dressing. Chances are there is more diversity in men’s fashion in more populated areas.

In conclusion, it is time for you, frat guys, to step up. Being lazy is unimpressive. Wearing the same outfit is boring. Thinking that women have to impress you is archaic. It is your job to do better, to look better and to present yourself better.