Gymnastics team looks to keep momentum through second third of season tonight in Pink Meet

Jason Galloway

Sarah Patterson broke the season down into three parts for her team. The first five meets, the second five meets and the postseason.

Looks like the season turned just at the right time.

After getting embarrassed by No. 1 Florida by more than two points two weeks ago, Alabama began the second third of the season with a season-high 197.075 in its 101st victory over Auburn. Tonight, the Crimson Tide takes on No. 31 Kentucky in its annual Pink Meet in Coleman Coliseum.

With a fresh start last week, Alabama hopes to continue its success from last week against the Wildcats. Here is the Tide’s projected lineup for tonight’s meet.


1. Marissa Gutierrez

2. Sarah DeMeo

3. Ashley Sledge

4. Geralen Stack-Eaton

5. Kayla Hoffman

6. Diandra Milliner


1. Rachel Terry

2. Becca Alexin

3. Diandra Milliner

4. Sarah DeMeo

5. Ashley Sledge

6. Geralen Stack-Eaton


1. Marissa Gutierrez

2. Diandra Milliner

3. Kim Jacob

4. Kayla Hoffman

5. Sarah DeMeo

6. Geralen Stack-Eaton


1. Rachel Terry

2. Ashley Sledge

3. Marissa Gutierrez

4. Geralen Stack-Eaton

5. Diandra Milliner

6. Kayla Hoffman

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