Stop showing up late to everything

Olivia Moody, Staff Columnist

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OK, this new trend where it isn’t “cool” to show up to things on time is getting out of hand. People designate a time of arrival for a reason – so why is it suddenly lame if you actually abide by it? Everyone has started arriving at events later rather than earlier, on their own time rather than on time, and it is absurd. I mean, you make plans for a reason. Why wouldn’t we stick to the plans rather than molding them to fit our time schedule? Later is not better. Later is irritating. Later is impolite. Later is lame.

Last week, one of my friends turned 20. She planned on everyone getting dinner and hanging out at her house afterward. Some of our other mutual friends decided to skip the dinner altogether. Furthermore, they decided to show up at her house whenever they pleased, rather than when she said to arrive. It infuriated me. I know this scenario sounds at least slightly familiar. Have you been guilty of showing up whenever you felt like it, rather than when you were asked? How many times have you shown up late to accommodate yourself rather than those around you? Some may see it as no big deal, but it’s just not cool.

Not only is it flat-out annoying, it’s extremely inconsiderate. We, as a generation, have no regard for other people, and it is straight-up rude. It is ridiculous to think we have the right to come and go as we please when other people are taking the time out of their day to accommodate us. Respect them and arrive when they ask, not decades later.

On top of all of this, arriving late makes for bad habits. We get into such a routine of taking our time and not being concerned about a schedule that it may begin to transfer into our adult lives and careers. Without even realizing it, we slowly get used to arriving a little late, on our own time frame. Before we know it, we will get out in the real world and be late to every meeting and interview. We will arrive late to work. Fast forward a little bit, and we won’t be able to get our children to school on time. Before you know it, you will be instilling those bad habits into them, too. Some might accuse me of stretching, but it’s the truth. Time is money, people. We cannot waste it, and we cannot abuse it.

Get out of this slump, I beg you. Show up on time for the love of all that is good. If something starts at 8, get there at 8. Not 8:30, not 8:45 – 8. It’s not cool, and you’re not cool. Respect your peers and respect the time your peers decide on. Start arriving on time. Better yet, maybe even try to arrive a little early. Show the people around you that they are worth your time and important to you.