Senate resolves to create SGA town hall forum

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Senate resolves to create SGA town hall forum

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Smith

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Smith

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Smith

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith, Contributing Writer

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The Student Government Association (SGA) Senate passed a resolution calling for the organization of “town hall-type forums” at its meeting on Jan. 31.

The forums would be held periodically, and they would offer students the opportunity to meet directly with SGA representatives and voice their concerns.

Sen. Jason Rothfarb, a sophomore majoring in political science and author of the resolution, said he felt that students do not have access to a direct line of communication with the SGA Senate.

“I believe that if we can create a system where people can come and express their concerns, a lot more students will start coming in and talking to us,” Rothfarb said. “Then, we can serve students a lot more than we are now.”

According to the legislation, a senator from each college would attend the forums.

Rothfarb said he hopes the program can be enacted before the end of March.

The Senate also passed a constitutional amendment ensuring the publication and maintenance of SGA election results on the SGA website.

The amendment was presented to the Senate for the first time on Jan. 24, and following the meeting on that day, it was sent to the rules committee for deliberation. The amendment was passed without opposition from the Senate.

The amendment’s author, Sen. Bennett McGehee, a junior majoring in finance and economics, said the amendment guarantees the publication of information that has been provided to students in the past. The amendment will standardize the Senate’s publication practices.

In addition, Alex Sample, a junior majoring in public health, was confirmed as the executive secretary by the Senate. Sample previously served as a director of engagement for the Executive.

Order of Events

  1. Alex Sample was confirmed as the Executive Secretary.
  2. The Senate broke for committees.
  3. C-01-19, A Constitutional Amendment to Publish and Maintain SGA Elections Results on the SGA Website, was passed without opposition.
  4. Act A-02-19, meant to fund transportation costs of the Alabama Club Hockey Team, was unanimously approved by the finance committee.
  5. Act A-02-19 was amended before the Senate by Clay Gaddis, vice president of financial affairs.
  6. Act A-02-19, newly authorizing the transfer of $1,000 from the Senate’s contingency budget to the Alabama Club Hockey Team, was passed by the Senate.
  7. The Senate passed Act A-03-19, An Act to Approve the Organizational Funding Requests Suggested by the Financial Affairs Committee for the Month of January 2019, and for Other Purposes.
  8. R-06-18, a resolution to create a SGA town hall, was passed without opposition.