Senate authorizes changes in student organization seating for football games

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Senate authorizes changes in student organization seating for football games

Photo courtesy of Kayla Smith

Photo courtesy of Kayla Smith

Photo courtesy of Kayla Smith

Photo courtesy of Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith, Contributing Writer

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The Student Government Association (SGA) Senate passed a bill changing regulations for student organization seating for UA football games at a meeting on Feb. 8.

The bill seeks to promote good behavior, consistent attendance and a safer student section environment through the establishment of a board of governors that will act as an oversight committee for student organizations.

“[The bill] really sets the example of what organizations’ behavior needs to be in the stadium,” said Sen. Jason Rothfarb, a sophomore majoring in political science.

Previously, seating assignment was determined prior to the start of the football season by a combination of a presentation, a packet highlighting an organization’s achievements and the organization’s GPA.

The new system will still rely on an informational packet and the organization’s GPA, but the presentation will be replaced with an interview that will take place in front of the board of governors.

Additionally, student organizations can lose points during football season for poor behavior and attendance violations. Points lost will affect an organization’s seating assignment for the following season.

“Seating location really means a lot to organizations,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Clay Martinson, a junior majoring in history. “I think that this bill will be beneficial for years to come for safety and attendance.”

The Senate also passed a resolution seeking to recognize students who achieve a cumulative 4.0 GPA during their final semester.

The “red cap” designation is awarded to students attaining a perfect 4.0 GPA and is based on a student’s cumulative GPA at the end of the semester prior to the semester of graduation. However, some students obtain a cumulative 4.0 GPA during the semester of graduation.

The resolution ensures that students who earn a 4.0 GPA during the semester of their graduation will be mailed a red cap in recognition of the achievement.

The Senate passed a constitutional amendment setting a date for future State of the School Addresses and outlining the positions of the executive cabinet.

According to the amendment, the State of the School Address will take place on the second Tuesday of November each year.

Order of Events

  1. Amendment C-02-19, A Constitutional Amendment to Update the State of the School Address and the Executive Cabinet, was passed without opposition.
  2. Resolution R-07-19 seeking to recognize the academic achievement of students with a 4.0 after graduation was passed by the Senate.
  3. The Senate passed Bill B-01-19, the Student Organized Seating Oversight and Redistribution Bill.
  4. Act A-04-19, An Act to Install a First Year Council Portion of the Weekly SGA Newsletter, was passed without opposition.