University of Connecticut professor teaches on psychology and creativity


CW/ Keely Brewer

Audrey Harper, Contributing Writer

James Kaufman, a psychology professor at the University of Connecticut, will be teaching a masterclass on the psychology of creativity over Skype on Wednesday, March 6.

Who: UA English Department is hosting, and it’s open to the public

What: James Kaufman Masterclass: The Psychology of Creativity (Skype)

When: Wednesday, March 6 from 11 a.m – noon

Where: 301 Morgan Hall


This masterclass will include a lecture from Kaufman followed by a Q&A. The event is open to all UA faculty and students.  

“Anybody who is interested in ideas about the mind or art and the intersection of the two would find it a good way to spend an hour and come away knowing something they didn’t know when they showed up,” said John Estes, director of Creative Writing in the UA English Department.

Kaufman is best known for his research in psychology, creativity and their intersection. He has published 250 papers and created three theories on creativity, such as The Sylvia Plath Effect.

“Creativity doesn’t just apply to the arts,” Estes said. “Every engineer, every architect, surgeon, every human endeavor involves the imagination. Understanding psychology can help you harness your brain’s power and capacity to be creative.”