We need more diversity in campus clubs

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We need more diversity in campus clubs

Amber Boswell, Staff Columnist

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Diversity is important because society consists of people of various backgrounds and cultures, all of whom deserve representation and inclusion in everyday life. It is important to appreciate diversity mainly because when you are working with people of a different background and developing a relationship with them, you can learn to understand their culture.

Racism is detrimental to people’s everyday lives. For example, workplace discrimination results in overqualified people of color getting passed over for positions that instead go to unqualified white people. University life is another area that is often pervaded by racism.

Some UA organizations and clubs lack diversity, ultimately giving our school an overall distasteful representation. Minority students are hesitant to join certain organizations because of the homogenous makeup of the club. Additionally, their race, gender or background might have an effect on whether or not they are selected to be a member of an organization.

College campuses should work to heavily enforce diversity and unity in school organizations by making diversity a requirement in every club and organization on campus. This will give members of every race and nationality a chance to be fairly represented on campus.

Some colleges are unaware of this issue, which makes it even more disturbing. Minorities are not afforded the same opportunities as the average white student and are not accepted into some organizations, such as certain fraternities or sororities.

Furthermore, some people look down on others who do not look the same as them on the outside. For example, a UA sorority was accused of racism and sexism in a video posted on YouTube in 2015. In the video, most of the girls were white with blonde hair. After watching the four minute promotional video, a person could possibly conclude that females of color were not allowed in that particular sorority.

Years later, another incident took place on campus that captured people’s attention not only on campus, but worldwide. The video featured a young woman ranting about African American people and her strong dislike for them. In the video, her sorority sisters were laughing and agreeing with her bigotry, which made it seem like they were also racist. She was in a predominantly white sorority. After the video went viral, a woman of color might have become hesitant about joining a predominantly white sorority out of fear that she would not be accepted by the current members.

In most cases, universities fail to realize the division among certain groups and organizations. This can have a negative effect on students because it can cause them to think that they are not good enough for particular groups on campus. For example, a black person might find themselves wanting to be white just to fit in with a certain fraternity or sorority. College campuses should enforce the importance of diversity in social clubs, so fraternities and sororities can learn to accept people of all backgrounds.

Racial unity gives people the opportunity to love someone that is different from them. The power of love can overcome all and can unite people of all walks of life. In the words of musician Aloe Blacc, “People need to spread love towards strangers. We all bleed the same blood and we are all part of a global community now.” Race should have never been the reason why society was separated. Diversity and unity go hand in hand and should be implemented across all college campuses. It is a work in progress, but with proper education and understanding, we can all come together for the common good of our community, despite race and background.