Take care of yourself this exam season

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Take care of yourself this exam season

Lexi Hooten, Staff Columnist

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Everything was due in April… and it’s April. Now everyone feels like they have to squeeze a semester’s worth of work into the last few weeks – well not everyone, because sure, there is a small subset of the population that doesn’t procrastinate. For most students, though, things came up and you didn’t mean to wait until the last minute, but you did. Now that it is that dreaded last minute, you need to remember to take care of yourself while you’re studying.

If you don’t feel well, you won’t be able to focus on what you are trying to study. If you’re run down, you won’t be able to perform well when it comes time for the exam, presentation or whatever you’re facing. Maintaining your physical and mental health during the last few weeks of the semester is so important.

As much as that all-night study session may feel necessary in order to feel prepared for a test, a good night’s sleep is just as necessary. It’s hard to retain what you are studying if you can barely stay awake, and it will be even harder to focus on the exam if you are struggling to stop yourself from falling asleep.

Keep your study space away from where you sleep so you can fully shut off and relax. That way, you can be fully rested for exam day. Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed with time to review your notes can help you retain what you studied much better than studying all night and taking an exam on little to no sleep.

It’s also a good idea to study with a friend. Though you’ll have to make sure you stay focused, it can help to brainstorm and talk things through with someone else. It also gives you a nice time to socialize during study breaks and give your mind a moment away from everything school-related. Also being with friends and people who make you happy will make studying easier and, hopefully, not as much of a chore.

Even if you are overwhelmed and feeling short on time, you are allowed to take breaks. Go take a five-minute walk, get some fresh air, make a snack or grab a drink. Do anything to clear your head for a second and regain focus. Staring at something is not going to magically make you comprehend it; you can’t absorb information via osmosis. You have to be able to concentrate and focus on what you’re studying. You cannot do that if you are exhausted and worn down. To perform well, you need to make sure you’re feeding your brain as well. Eat lots of snacks. Good, healthy snacks while studying can help keep you and your brain energized.

Plan a post-exam reward. Treat yourself, because you deserve it. In a couple of weeks, the semester will be done, and everything causing you stress will be over – you made it. Study and work hard these last few weeks, but do your best to stay healthy while doing so. Then celebrate!

Studying and doing well academically is extremely important, but not to the detriment of your health. You are important just as important as those good grades you are working so hard for.

Keep that in mind as this semester comes to an end. Take it a day at a time because even though those good grades may be indispensable, so is your mental and physical health.