Bestselling author speaks on dangers of substance misuse

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Bestselling author speaks on dangers of substance misuse

Shahriyar Emami, Staff Reporter

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The second annual guest speaker series for the University’s Department of Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services will be hosting author William Cope Moyers. Moyers is a New York Times bestselling author of Broken, a book that describes his experience with substance use and eventual recovery.

WHO: The event is open and free to the public.

WHAT: New York Times bestselling writer and recovery advocate William Cope Moyers to speak at the University.

WHEN: Friday, April 26 from 2-3 p.m.

WHERE: Ferguson Great Hall


Gerard Love, executive director of the Department of Collegiate Recovery and Intervention, said Moyers has a very compelling story. Love worked to organize the event.

“Just in terms of his history with substance use and becoming addicted and finding recovery, one of the things that’s really beautiful about his story is that it breaks a lot of stereotypes,” Love said. “This is someone who grew up very privileged and then still managed to become addicted.”

Love said Collegiate Recovery and Intervention plans to have speakers similar to Moyers every spring.

“In addition to his story and him being a good speaker, the reason we brought him to campus on behalf of the Collegiate Recovery community is that we feel a responsibility to let the students on campus know of the dangers of substance misuse and that there’s hope in a very bright future whenever individuals who are addicted find their way to recovery,” Love said.

Along with hosting Moyers as a guest speaker, Love’s department is partnering with the Student Government Association (SGA) during the University’s recovery week.