Opinion: Twitter is the best social media


Dalton Counts | @DaltonCounts11, Staff Columnist

Most college students have always been cognizant of some kind of social media platform. Personally, I can’t recall a time in which Facebook didn’t exist. I can still remember when my sister finally convinced our mother to let her create an account. This phenomenon fuels the globalization trend we have seen in recent years, and while this can be a positive, these platforms eventually hurt everyone who uses them. Whether it be Instagram or Facebook, it turns our lives into perceptions. There is only one shining exception to this: Twitter. 

Twitter is absolutely incredible. I believe that the Founding Fathers would be proud of the free speech that happens every day on the app. Simply, users can say anything on their mind. This is amazing because people are infinitely funny and constantly generate great content. Every Twitter user has one dream: going viral. Everyone has that one tweet they revised harder than their last midterm paper, and I guarantee it is pinned to their account. Twitter also inspires people to aim higher. I know this sounds ridiculous because of all the pointless things you see on the timeline, but a lot of the jokes require eloquent thinking. No other social media makes you consider relevant topics like Twitter does.

But Twitter is much more than just funny jokes. That is arguably the favorite part for most, but Twitter is not just limited to humor. The app has now transformed into what some view as a reliable news source. Thousands of college kids admit that Twitter is the way they learn the news. This is slightly flawed because of the obvious bias on the “explore” page, but it is still interesting to see the ethos appeal to millions of accounts. News media students here at the University are all encouraged to have Twitter accounts because it is an effective tool for 21st-century journalists. The blue checks keep becoming more and more relevant in verifying those users and their news. Twitter is also great because of the pure comedy coming from @RealDonaldTrump… come on, you can admit it’s hilarious.

Other apps have so many problems that Twitter doesn’t. Instagram is horrendous for young people’s mental health because it constantly encourages users to compare themselves to others. This isn’t great because the real you isn’t on your Instagram account. Social media is only effective for us if it enables humans to connect with one another. A true connection is made when you really get to know a person, not their “highlight reel.” Facebook has come back to college and is particularly annoying as well. All in all, it has just become another site to gloat about your life.

Of course, Twitter has its problems, too. It can be a hypocenter for cyberbullying and inept opinions. It can definitely be detrimental to your finals week performance. However, I see Twitter as a positive place compared to other apps. While Instagram and Facebook make you feel insecure because you don’t have as “cool” of a life as someone else, Twitter is there to allow you to be who you are. Have an egregious opinion? Tweet it. Someone probably agrees with you. Have a random thought that popped into your brain today? Your followers would love to read it. So delete Instagram and quit worrying about Becky’s latest sorority event. Create a Twitter account, and start worrying about the one thing that matters: being genuinely you.