Top Ten Artists of the Decade

Bryan Bofill

Remember back in the day when everyone was singing along to “Stacy’s Mom” or when everyone danced to Unk’s unbeatable rhythm of “Walk It Out?” Those certainly were the days. But today, it has become increasingly hard to stay in the spotlight for more than five minutes. However, these artists have proven resilient and have given us a plethora of songs to listen to as we list the top artists of the past decade.

1.Black Eyed Peas – This trio of trios dished out tons of top 100 songs over the decade. Especially as the songs “My Humps,” “Pump It” and “Boom Boom Pow” became instant dance hits. The other reason behind this choice is because of the group’s members, many of whom have very successful solo careers, most notably Fergie’s album “The Dutchess.”

2.Britney Spears – Her music and image were at the very center of the music scene in the early 2000s, back when we all were in middle school jamming out to her song, “Lucky.” We’d be lying if she didn’t affect the music of the last decade but then again, I think we could all do without the bald head.

3.Coldplay – It is hard to remember a world without Coldplay. They came off as a little indie band from England early on but have now created a fan following rivaling that of U2. Their music has been the feature of many critically acclaimed films, including “Garden State” and “Neverland.” Every album has been a gem and it makes them worthy of a top five spot.

4.Radiohead – This group has been active since the 1980s, but give them credit. They released four albums in the last decade, all to rave reviews. Radiohead has been with us since the beginning, and it feels right that this Southeast England band should be in one of the top spots.

5.Eminem – Already named artist of the decade by Billboard 100, Eminem earns a spot on the list because of his hard-hitting beats. His music is reminiscent of the recent decade and at the heart of many of us who remember such a time when he sang “Slim Shady.”

6.Avril Lavigne – Her punky and pop music was the alternative to the Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and Ashlee Simpson sound that sort of all mesh into one. All three of her albums have gone platinum, and each reached either the number one or number two on the Billboard 100.

7.Soulja Boy – He turned into an overnight sensation because he had a MySpace account and hard-hitting beats and lyrics. Even though he came late in the decade, Soulja Boy gets on the list because he became the youngest artist to hold a number one spot on the charts, which lasted well over a month. He’s also on the list because of his influence spread like a California wildfire when his videos hit the Internet. This do-it-yourself bravado has encouraged many to go out and try the music business themselves.

8.Justin Timberlake – Sexy didn’t go anywhere, but you have to admit his music was catchy. Normally he would only be a notable mention because he only released two albums during the decade but both of them went to sell about 10 million worldwide. And each was laced with singles that topped the charts.

9.T-Pain – What song was T-Pain not in this decade, seriously? He has been featured over 25 times this decade, from “Low” to the ever so popular Saturday Night Live sketch, “I’m on a Boat.” Aside from just being the feature of over 25 songs, he has had a very successful solo career going for him.

10.Kings of Leon – The band from Nashville, Tenn. gets on the list because of their impressive music style and their stunning ability to make everything they touch turn to platinum. The group is simply superb and it reflects in their music.